What is RtI: Stored!


Central Location

No more searching multiple online sites to pull reports during a PLC or RtI meeting! RtI: Stored! provides teachers
a central location for completing and compiling all of the required documentation, universal assessments,
universal screenings, and on-going progress monitoring for all students identified as being at-risk.


Comprehensive System

A students entire journey through the RtI Process is date stamped and comprehensive in RtI: Stored! At anytime, you can view historical documents and data submitted.

This allows you to see the level of support for a student from the differentiated core instruction up through the tiers that make up the Pyramid of Intervention, throughout their entire educational career.


Leveled Access

There are different levels of password protected access available in RtI: Stored!.


School Administrators will have access to all components of the portal for their school only


District Access will have access to all components of the portal for every school within their district/county

Teachers will have access to the components of the portal that are pertinent to their students/grade level only

Color Coded Level
of Support

Students are color-coded based on where they are in the RtI process (Tier 1 Differentiated Core, Tier 1 At-Risk, Tier 2, Tier 3), for the ease of clearly seeing an overall snapshot of who is receiving what level of support.


Meeting Mode

You have the ability to identify students that need to be discussed in an upcoming PLC or RtI meeting, and click on Switch to Meeting Mode so you only see the students that need to be discussed in that particular meeting!


Generating Reports

Run class, grade, school, and/or district level reports to identify specific percentages, and numbers of students that those percentages represent, to have a clear picture of the students being supported at the various tiers.



A team can only move a student between tiers in the RtI Process if all of the appropriate data and documentation within their current tier have been completed or uploaded in the system.

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