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RtI:Stored Key Features

Early Warning System

Early Warning System

An automatic data import feature that triangulates students’ universal screening data, academic data, attendance, and behaviors into one central location so educators can early identify students’ risks.

Core Data Analysis and Continuous Improvement Plan

Core Data Analysis and Continuous Improvement Plan

Framed from Dufour’s model of continuous improvement, PLCs complete a data analysis of core instruction and develop a plan to be implemented by the cohort that focuses on instruction, curriculum, and environment of core instruction.

Tier 2 and Individual Learning Plans

Tier 2 and Individual Learning Plans

Educators have the ability to identify the level of support groups of students or individual students need in order to develop personalized learning plans that match student data and target the areas of concern as well as their areas of strength.

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Multiple options for teachers to upload or input real-time progress monitoring data to complete a gap analysis and determine rate of improvement. Teachers can measure effectiveness of the intervention cycle based on the success of the group compared to individual students.

Barriers RtI:Stored! Eliminates

Stored! was designed to remove barriers of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Implementation, so the focus, when Responding to Instruction (RtI), is on data and student learning, NOT a process! Barriers of implementation we have removed follow:

  • System Improvement
  • Physical Barriers
  • Analyzing Data & Documentation
  • Proactive Implementation Design
  • Early Risk Identification
  • Single Sign-On for Access to ALL Data
  • Multiple Professional Problem-Solving the Whole Child

Response to Instruction Geared Toward Effective Learning

Our professional development training is geared toward helping all children grow and reach their highest potential.

RtI:Stored was born out of a desire to see all children grow to reach their highest potential. We come to you with over 50 years of combined experience in the public education system. Our backgrounds in general education, special education, counseling, the MTSS/Rtl process, data analysis, effective strategies/interventions and knowing how they all work together to truly see the whole child have ultimately made us the best at what we do.

The RtI:Stored development team of educators created more than a data and documentation platform. Collectively, we eliminated barriers and challenges to MTSS systems and RTI processes so educators can put their focus on teaching and learning. All the while, they will be able to consolidate data to be able to analyze in order to make instructional decisions and determine adequate growth of students. The web-based platform helps guide teachers by collecting information they need to make data based decisions and raise student achievement.

The RtI:Stored team of directors and consultants will help you discover the right data to collect and analyze to make instructional decisions and determine adequate growth of students. We will then help you move to action by implementing innovative strategies and interventions that address specific skill deficits and maximize success for all students.

We will provide your teachers with the knowledge, skills and resources required to meet your specific needs, close gaps, and ensure appropriate growth for all students through effective data and root cause analysis and learning how to respond by making appropriate instructional adjustments. We truly believe that all students can learn, and it is our job as educators to ensure they do, because all really does mean all!

Available Services Beyond a Digital Solution

I-LEADR, Inc is led by educators who understand the complexity of implementing an MTSS and RtI System in your school or district. Our team has implemented successful models that positively impact student achievement across all subgroups and have designed professional development opportunities that help build capacity in leaders throughout your system to ensure sustainability of total school improvement. Our professional development places a strong force on serving children, every day, no matter what it takes.


Professional Development Training

At RtI:Stored we work with states, districts and schools to design and develop systematic processes for prevention and early intervention through implementation of the MTSS/Rtl Process.

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RtI software

Clearly see and easily analyze data to determine which level of support students are receiving with our innovative RtI software.

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Be Wise

MTSS Workshops

Our workshops put an emphasis on providing teachers with the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to implement hands-on, engaging, student centered strategies and interventions, based on specific skill deficit areas, to their students.

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